Unexpected Pleasures – Cammie Cummins

Two sizzling, hot lesbian, menage-a-trois stories from the licentious imagination of Cammie Cummins.

While on a business trip, middle-aged Amy confesses to her best friend Betsy it’s been over two years since she’s last had sex. Flabbergasted by this startling news, oversexed Betsy—who can’t go two days without sex—is determined to do something to help her desperate friend. And who better to help conservative Amy get over her dry spell and maybe even widen her erotic sexual horizons than Betsy’s husband. What happens next both shocks and pleases all three of them.

For fifteen years, it’s the same thing. What to get Mike, the man who has everything—including Carol—for Christmas. A new car. A new boat. A ski trip to Aspen. Carol never knows. Except this year, she thinks she’s nailed it. Meet Sharon. Mike’s seductive Christmas present this year. Hired to do whatever it is he wants her to do. Wild and wanton, without boundaries, it’s what Mike wants Sharon to do with Carol is the biggest X-rated X-mas gift of all.

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