Unforeseen Love – L.S. Pullen

Sienna Morgan is no stranger to death and grief.
Becoming an embalmer might not be everyone’s chosen profession, but it’s the only place she truly feels in control. An introvert by nature, working and living above a funeral home suits her down to a T.
Until Theodore walks through the door, and she realises her arch-nemesis from Uni is about to be her new boss.

Theodore Wainwright hasn’t been back home in two years. A fact he’s not proud of. But his catastrophe of a relationship just ended. He lost his girlfriend and his best friend. And all he wants is the chance to start over again.
However, the last thing he expected when taking over the family business was to find none other than stick up her arse Sienna.

Now they’re working and living together in forced proximity during a global pandemic. Emotions are high, and it isn’t long before lines start to blur.
The question is, which one of them will break first?