Uploaded – The Infinity Construct, Book I: A LitRPG Apocalyptic System Cultivation Series – Burkley Orion Smith

Sabashton ‘Ash’ Jackson is a hard working kid from the streets who’s just trying to survive the grind while he works two jobs to pay for college.

Or at least he was until some lunatic sets off the apocalypse and he wakes up in the Infinity Construct, a magic based virtual reality game that feels indistinguishable from the real world. Now, he’s not even sure he’s still human; He might be turning into a god.

After meeting the mysterious ‘Doc’ in digital limbo, and learning he’s the only freaking person from earth that remembers what happened, Ash is gifted a magical avatar with the potential for awesome power.

In return he’s tasked with the simple chore of saving humanity by stopping the Corruptor himself from permanently enslaving the last of mankind.

Meanwhile back on earth, unbeknownst to our reluctant hero, two unknown allies band together to try and pull off an impossible mission that just may be the last hope to keep Ash from falling into the Corruptor’s evil trap.

“All the details I could want without being overwhelmed with page after page of stats. This is the book I’ve been waiting for.” -Sir William the Imp

“Ash is hilarious. He’s so deep over his head. Thank God Tash is there to keep him on track. Love the cast, and oh what a world. Somebody Upload me please.” -Old Mother Marisallia

“Umm, Read this book or I’ll kill this bunny?” -Grom the Barbarian


This book contains adult language, graphic violence, and suggestive material that may not be suitable for minors.