Victory Island – Emily Larkins

VICTORY ISLAND: a dramatic tale of how a grandfather’s death leads his beloved granddaughter to re-evaluate her love, her life and her place in the landscape.

Stuck in a ticking time-bomb of a relationship our heroine doesn’t recognize for what it is, coming home to Victory Island will change her future forever.
Beginning in the aftermath of a horrific attack at the hands of her long-time partner, Charlotte Darling has escaped her home on Victory Island in search of solace. She struggles to come to terms with those unthinkable events and begin a new life out of Andrew’s controlling shadow. To do that Charlotte must leave the home and the people she loves.
In the tiny settlement of Kahurangi Charlotte meets handsome surfer, Gus, who senses her torment and guides her toward recovery. She is unsettled by the chemistry that develops between them, resisting at first with recent experiences in mind. But, as her confidence grows, Gus teaches Charlotte more about intimacy than she ever experienced with Andrew.
All the while in the back of her mind, Charlotte regrets running from her island, and Ben. He comforted her after her grandfather’s death. He opened her eyes to Andrew’s manipulative ways and reminded her of her worth. Ben dared her to dream and ultimately saved her life.
All Charlotte craves is a safe place to fall. Will she choose the lupin-lined, sandy tracks of the isolated island her grandfather bequeathed her? Or the small, windswept holiday settlement with a secret cove where nobody knows her name?

One bereft woman just beginning to live.
Three men vying for her affection: the ambitious, respected university professor; the handsome, care-free surfer; the chivalrous farmer’s son of her adolescence.
Who will live?
Who will die?
Whom will she choose?