Viral – D. T. Adams

The COVID-19 pandemic: uncensored observations, mini stories and more

A collection of writings about the catastrophe that was the COVID-19 pandemic. The pieces of writing in this collection are presented in three categories:

– Lockdown. Restricted movement, common activities banned and socialising outlawed. These are three key aspects of the brutal, draconian rules we had to live by. Lockdown looks at life under severe, often debilitating restrictions

– The Government. Wreaking havoc with a few choice words, allowing our lives to go into meltdown and exercising a frightening amount of power. These are three things governments did in an attempt to protect us from the deadly virus. The Government questions and criticised many decisions made by our daring leaders

– The Media. Inducing terror with overly dramatic headlines, encouraging us all to panic and making us see the harmless as hazardous. These are three things the media did while the virus continued its assault on the world. The Media is all about the official reporting of the pandemic and how it affected our approach to it

The pandemic affected us all and changed our lives in breathtaking ways. Everyone has thoughts, opinions and beliefs to do with it. Here are mine.

If you’re after a social commentary that gets you thinking about the nightmare pandemic, you’ll enjoy reading Viral.

Buy now and see what I have to say about the virus that plunged the world into a crisis situation like no other.