Viral: Moving On – D. T. Adams

The COVID-19 pandemic: uncensored observations, mini-stories and more

A collection of writings about the catastrophe that was the COVID-19 pandemic. The pieces of writing in this collection are presented in three categories:

– Post-Lockdown. Feeling sick and tired of invasive rules, struggling to adjust to the official way of doing things and holding the firm belief that this new approach to life will soon end. These are three key aspects of the period when we took the risky step of going back to normal. Post-Lockdown is about claiming victory over the virus and resuming our lives free from worry

– Lessons. Should we see ourselves as vulnerable to life? Ought we to disregard the old and value the new? Is it sensible to follow rules with no questions asked? These are three of the many questions to consider as we try to live our best lives going forward. Lessons asks whether we’ve made mistakes and what we can take into account to improve our lives

– The Future. Is normality guaranteed to resume? Will another virus come along and cause another worldwide catastrophe? When will the world have truly conquered COVID-19? These are three of the many questions to consider as we embrace defiance and move on. The Future looks at how much longer the virus is going to play a role in our lives and whether we’ll have the backbone to shake it off for good

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic and the staggering ways it’s changed our lives. We all have something to say about it. Here’s some of what I have to say.

If you’re after a social commentary that gets you thinking about the horrific pandemic, you’ll enjoy reading Viral: Moving On.

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