Vital Force the Path to Your Power (Book One) – S. Roystone Neverson

Every person was created with vital force. Every person has internal power capable of enabling the person to achieve whatever he sets out to do. Every person has inherited divine internal power which was within the first man created on earth and the first woman created on earth and passed from generation to generation. Whenever a creator creates a product that creator transfers something of himself into that which he or she created.
However, when man was created out of earth, the Creator instilled creative power into the first man and woman created on earth with earth. Ever since, every person who came forth out of the first man and woman on earth has had inherited divine creative force or power, the vital force or vital power.
Very few people are aware of the inherited creative force, the vital force which is in them and which was inherited from the first man and woman created on earth from earth and handed down from generation to generation.
It is those who become aware of this inherited creative power and who have learned how to access it and to use it are the ones who achieve outstanding success in whatever they set out to do. However, additionally, it is also knowledge of how to access this vital force, this vital power is what is important in enabling those who know that they possess to make the best use of it.
Vital Force the Path to Your (Book One) is the first of a set of three books being published which provide readers with the know-how relating to making the best use of their inherited vital power.