Waters of Change – Amy Astorga

“Anything can happen within a human. Their heart is deep and unsearchable. Who can know its depths?”

Gwendolyn and Emma are best friends. Until Emma vanishes. Suddenly, Gwendolyn’s life flips upside down. She’s troubled by a past that has no answers, a crumbling relationship with her insensitive boyfriend, and paranoid parents who are afraid of the unknown. Curfews and locked windows can keep out harm.

But nothing can stop the calling.

Sudden, overpowering, unnatural–Gwendolyn is drawn to the ocean’s hypnotic shore like a moth to a flame. It’s where she thinks her best friend disappeared.

It’s where she meets Marcus.

The alluring stranger is all she ever desired. His metallic gray eyes make her heart thunder in her chest. But Marcus offers more than unfailing love; he holds the answers that she seeks. He will reveal the unknown depths of her heart. She may discover things she’ll regret uncovering. Some secrets are best left hidden.

Thought-provoking and unforgettable, Waters of Change offers a deeper meaning for the soul. For readers of clean paranormal romance, mysteries with dark twists, and mermaids rewritten.

“This book has a new and darker twist on mermaids, complex characters and themes, rich details, and one heck of a well-earned cliffhanger. There’s no doubt that I have fallen for Waters of Change: Gwendolyn Falling and am giving it a full FIVE STARS.” – Pete Tarsi/ Author of Flipping the Scales