What Children Need To Thrive: Fostering Inquisitiveness, Guts, Self-Reliance, And Integrity By Way Of Peaceful Parenting In Five Steps – Donna-Genevieve Keaton

In today’s competitive, busy world, allowing children the room to be themselves is more meaningful than ever. This exciting and unique text shows you how to aid children accept life with all of its challenges and flourish in the world.

What you will learn

Parenting Done Right

• Ideas for dealing with daily struggles

• How to foster healthy intellectual and emotional development so that children will lead connected, balanced, and meaningful lives.

• Ideas that aid parents to pinpoint their own discipline philosophy and master the best systems to convey the lessons they are trying to transmit.

Instilling Confidence

• Give children the self-understanding that will lead them to make sound choices, and, lead joyful and meaningful lives.


• The way to lovingly and calmly relate with a child no matter how excessive the behavior while still setting consistent and clear limits.

• A compassionate, effective outline for dealing with tears, tantrums, and tensions.

• How to reach a child, redirect emotions, and turn a meltdown into an opportunity for development. By doing so, the circuit of punishment and negative behavior is basically brought to a stop, as problem solving becomes a situation that is win/win.


• A game plan for raising happy, resilient children. It provides dynamic tools for aiding children develop the emotional intelligence they will need to be successful. Parents will learn ways to be more linked to their children, and more fulfilled in their role as a parent.

• The formula to understanding when children require a delicate push out of a comfort zone verses requiring the cushion of familiarity and safety

Building Social Skills

• The fundamentals of empathy, insight, resilience, and balance and how to fortify them

• Designs to maneuver away from negative emotional and behavioral states (withdrawal and aggression) and amplifying your child’s capability for positivity

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