Whatever It Takes – June Summers

What are the odds? Gabe Wakefield is a thief. He is burglarizing the immaculate, suburban home of Dr. Derrick Byrnes, a local podiatrist, and his wife, Denise, when Gabe notices a rank odor coming from a garage closet. Upon opening the door, he discovers an emaciated child clothed only in dirty underwear lying in a fetal position in the midst of filth, excrement, and urine. What should he do? No child should live in such deplorable conditions. Against his better judgement, he kidnaps the child.

WHATEVER IT TAKES is a tense suspense/thriller of 92,300 words. Throughout the manuscript, Gabe, a single guy of twenty-five who works as a stocker in a local superstore, is challenged with how to deal with what he has done. He is hell-bent on bringing down the couple who grossly mistreated the child. But how is that possible when he just committed both a felony and a kidnapping?