Wine Not? – D. T. Adams

Fifteen poems about a wild night out drinking and getting merry

Alcohol has the amazing ability to bring about changes in a person. So many of us feel the urge to drink it and become more fearless, hyperactive and daring.

The main character in Wine Not? craves alcohol and likens it to rocket fuel. His desire to get drunk is strong and he’s always excited about nights out. All he wants is to let loose and have the best time ever.

However, he has to beware of the temptation that comes with alcohol. He may enjoy a night of chatting to new people and dancing to his heart’s content, but there’s always consequences. People take embarrassing photos, his memory fails him and his body punishes him with a hangover.

Is alcohol a treasure or more like a poison?

If you enjoy thought-provoking, reflective writing about a popular pastime, you’re sure to like Wine Not? and its poems on drunken frenzy.

Buy now and see what the main character makes of alcohol after his epic night out.