Winged – Diamondra Rakotomahefa

A young and talented warrior, member of a galactic foundation, helps a princess fight a usurper of power, and the organization of evil that corrupts the galaxy.

While the two great powers of the Eyel galaxy, the kingdom of Aedor and the empire of Yvalthes, in rivalry for centuries, finally decided to sign a peace treaty, the event was interrupted by attacks perpetrated by the evil organization DEEHA supported by traitors on both sides. Emeon – the king of Aedor was killed but his daughter Princess Airine managed to escape. A few years later, Duke Alfagus – the new ruler of Aedor, found Airine’s shelter and sent assassins from Deeha to kill her and extinguish the royal family’s lineage. This was without Gaazal, the independent and powerful galactic foundation of Eyel, led by Lord Ziterog, who sent a young and talented warrior named Myrhes to save Airine. Myrhes leads Airine to Yvalthes to protect her and where she announces to the entire galaxy her decision to overthrow Alfagus and take back her rightful place as queen of Aedor. With the help of Gaazal, and the incomparable power of Myrhes, Airine takes one of Deeha’s major bases on the planet Lekan, where Alfagus and high-ranking members of Deeha were gathering. With Alfagus killed, and Lekan destroyed, Airine ascends to the throne of Aedor.