Witches on the Farm – Elisa Anderson

An intriguing picture book you won’t put down!
Good Heavens! What are Witches doing on the Farm?
Do they want to plant some crops using their spells and magic wands?
Or do they want to milk the cows, water the flowers, or sweep the barn with their magic brooms?
Or… do they want to get rid of all the farm animals in the barn?
Yes, that’s most likely, isn’t it?. They are evil witches after all!
Get this page-turning, colorful and entertaining bedtime story to read to the kids at night-time
Have fun reading this colorfully illustrated bedtime story, for toddlers, 4-5 year olds, boys and girls alike, about two Witch Sisters who are awoken from their slumber by the noises made by the farm animals nearby and get so angry, that they hatch up an evil plan to eat them all up! Will they succeed?
Find out in this colorful and entertaining kids storybook, suitable for children by age 3 to 5, 6, 8 and above.