Writing Guide: How to Use Writing Tools, Help, and Vivid Settings for Producing Content, Stories, Books, and Blogs. – George Wise

Is it possible to learn to write with talent or is writing only for a select few?

Why does the ability to express your thoughts and ideas beautifully give you inner freedom?
A story, a piece, a novel-every literate person can write. Whether it can be read is another matter, but that’s another story.
Not all violinists are Paganini, but not all writers either are Shakespeare. Nevertheless, their books are on the shelves and many authors receive huge royalties.
Fortunately, literature is not mathematics, where you cannot start studying new material until you master the previous material. In literature, you can take useful knowledge in pieces like from a reference book or an encyclopedia.
To rise to the level of Shakespeare and others, you first need to master at least the simplest methods of influencing the reader.
Writing is almost the only profession in the world where even a shy person can breakthrough. After all, no one will know how many attempts it took to do this, and you can tell your friends that the first time you hit the target.
This book will give you the basics of writing. At first glance, it may seem that it is too simple, but perhaps rereading it in a few days will offer even more substance.
The fact is that many people today are often incapable of perceiving long complex thoughts as we are bombarded with technology and social media. Attention spans are short and at the same time, we may not always be able to immediately see things that are fundamental and useful to us.