Xmas @ Camelot II – Freya Pickard

Ten tales from Freya Pickard’s weird and wonderful imagination.

Find yourself in a Freudian prison or in a Virtual Reality Game where the dragon suffers from indigestion in Turning Point and Norsemare.

Feel the release of freedom when prisoners are set free in Trapped and Ariel.

Enjoy a prosaic fairy tale in Lie-In and in the title story, Xmas @ Camelot II.

Tread the dark paths of death or yearn to both dig deep and reach high in the stylized prose poetry of The Slaying of Jormungand and Taking Root.

Or, walk with the shape-shifters in Snow Bear and Animal.

Ten tales to tease and tantalise your perceptions of reality and legend. Where is reality grounded? In this life or the next? In an on-line game or in dreams?

Ten tales of transition; from light to darkness, from darkness to life. From freedom to prisoner, from prisoner to servant. From life to death and beyond …