Yoga: Yoga Techniques for Beginners- For Stress Relief and Weight Loss – Vanessa Gordon

This book contains a beginner’s approach to yoga lessons; it focuses on stress relief and weight loss. Here, you’ll be introduced to the different elements of yoga; you’ll be enlightened on various important concerns such as the essential tools, benefits, proper attitude, sequencing, practice guidelines, and common beginner mistakes. A lineup of different yoga poses (with step-by-step instructions) for all skill levels is featured, as well.

Additionally, you can put all the yoga lessons that were shared to you in this book; what better way to do so than designing your very own yoga sequence? Just because you’re quite new to the practice does not mean the only option to take advantage of yoga’s perks is by registering to the classes of a professional yoga teacher.
Granted that you use the lessons, together with the discussions in this book, as reference, creating a personal yoga sequence is accomplishable. As you will be learning along the way, incorporating yoga into your life can be a bit challenging. Soon, however, you will realize that it is actually easy!