You Can Know When Jesus Is Coming – FM Ndlovu

The book takes the reader in mind-blowing journey from the time of Creation, down to the time of Abraham. It connects all the dots of Daniel numbers such as 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300 days and also the 70 weeks of Daniel 9. The story of Salvation through Christ Jesus is depicted by the types, shadows and pre-figures of biblical events, places and people. The birth and death of each bible character is indispensable in connecting the prophecies of Daniel. Also the significance of the 144,000 number of the Book of Revelation is part of the Great Puzzle, that the Scriptures speak of Jesus Christ and that in the bible there is only one prophecy. Get an alternative view of the 62 weeks of Daniel, and how they predict the birth, death of Christ and also His Second Coming.