You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission to Live Your Best Life! – Donna Scoates-Nixon


Seems obvious right?
But take a minute and think about your life…

Are you stuck in a life you never imagined you’d be living?

Did the you that you used to know and love, get lost while “adulting” and just getting through life…or are you stuck wearing a “mask” of someone else’s version of you?

Do you feel like you’ll never be able to be free of the baggage weighing you down?
Do you feel it’s too late to live your best life?

Well, the good news is it’s never too late…and You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission to “Do you!”
This is your one life after all.

This book was written for you!

In this fresh take on a much talked about subject, author and life coach Donna Scoates-Nixon guides you through an EMPOWERING personal growth journey of self-evaluation, awareness, confidence, healing, and permanent change with personal stories and “real talk.”

Being a poster child for the title… You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission, and a living testimonial to the principles in the book, Donna writes from experience, and shares her hard-earned wisdom with the goal of empowering you.

You’ll be guided through unpacking the baggage and limiting beliefs weighing you down and learning the steps to building the confidence and courage that lead to permanent change, healing, and a better life…your best life!

Reading this book, you’ll feel empowered to rip off that “mask,” get rid of that baggage never for good, and “do you” for maybe the first time in your life.