Zap! How Fast Can You Count Bugs? – An entertaining brain teaser quiz game for kids 3 to 5 years and above: A fun activity book for children to pass the time at bedtime, journeys or holidays – Happy Books

Enjoy this fun game book similar to the fun guessing “I Spy” games but requiring a little bit of observation skills to win!
This fun brain teaser memory game is based on the power of observation of objects.
A picture of a group of objects is viewed within a short time and a counting quiz is taken by the player.
The more acute a player’s power of observation is, the more the player is likely to win!

Helps promote Observational Skills in Kids aged 3 to 5 and above
Younger kids will be exposed to learning to sharpen their power of observation.
Kids will love the colorful pages and will love to attempt to count all the objects before the time is up!

An entertaining way to pass the time at bedtime, on the road, during long journeys or when kids get bored
Spend time having fun with this entertaining package all wrapped up in the colorful pages of this book.

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