Vendetta – Craig Gaydas

Karma can be a real b**ch.

Embezzlement is underway at Martins Insurance Group. When Jody discovers this during a routine audit, she finds out that the corruption goes all the way to the top and also includes the mob. With nowhere to turn within the company, she is forced to seek outside help. Unfortunately, management learns of her discovery and they have different plans. Crime lord Vito Lucero is not ready to have his cash cow shut down, and plots to shut her up permanently.

After her fiancé is murdered, Jody is driven to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, raped and left to die. When a series of murders start to take place in the sleepy seaside town of Palm Harbor, the police assume a serial killer is on the loose and the town is turned upside down. Who is behind the killings?

Vendetta is a captivating, original paranormal murder mystery. If you like mysteries with plenty of action and witty dialogue, you will love a novel that combines both in an exciting, unique story.