Vinyl Tiger – Dave Di Vito

“They had it wrong all along. It’s not pop that will eat itself. It’s ambition.”
A penchant for Bollywood beats and dance music.
A flirtatious outsider whose exotic looks make his origins difficult to pinpoint.

As London is burning and the pop/disco holocaust is playing out, Alekzandr has little else to fall back on other than his charm and wit in his pursuit of an interesting life. Even across the pond, the new generation of club kids seem to love him. But in an era when stars are made, not born, nobody is particularly interested in taking a chance on an outsider, particularly when his musical shortcomings are so obvious.

Still, ambition knows no bounds, and the arrival of the music video changes everything in the industry. Having already used everything else at his disposal, can this New Romantic use it to ride the New Wave into the hearts of the public? After all, the best pop stars make waves, not just music.

Evocative, romantic and brimming with pop cultural references, Vinyl Tiger captures and celebrates the changing zeitgeist of the 80s, 90s and 00s.