Walking Through: Roberta Thatcher and the Curse of the Red – W Asher Charles

Roberta Thatcher is fresh out of grad school, sleeping with her roommate’s father, and starting a new job at a company known for its secrecy and weirdness. And that’s the good news. Roberta soon finds herself fighting for her life, trying to decipher the mysterious Newman Corporation, and to keep her hands off her hunky boss. Then her younger sister cracks up, her much older ex becomes a threat, Ninjas start popping up everywhere, and Roberta is confronted with the reality of the dangerous Multiverse.

And the world goes on, oblivious to the dangers – wars, uprisings, provocateurs in our midst. Clueless right-wing politicians dither and distract with “anything goes” legislation, and the troubles only grow. It’s up to Newman & Co., & Roberta, to join the fray. To turn back the curse of The Red.