Warrior’s Desire: Reylar of the Ezrok – Vivian Venus

His mission was to protect her, not to fall for her…

Reylar Ven Erz is a powerful warrior of the Ezrok, the alien race who conquered humanity, and his kind is at galactic war. Tasked with hunting down an elusive and deadly assassin hiding in the human colony on Mars, Reylar is lead to the doorstep of the human female who he believes is its primary target – and he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe.

A brilliant scientist, Doctor Liliandra Cast may hold the key to ending the war that plagues the galaxy. Now she’s on the run from an alien monster who wants her dead, and a whether she likes it or not she’s got an Ezrok bodyguard who won’t let her leave his sight. He’s stubborn, brooding, and intense – but there’s something about his fierce protectiveness that Liliandra finds herself helplessly captivated by.

Thrust together to defeat a common enemy, they’re the most unlikely pair on Mars – so why do the flames of desire enthrall them both?