Wasteful Management- A New Beginning – Michael McGuerty

Wasteful Management is a satirical black comedy mystery that goes after the true villains in our global society; essentially, the leaders of the military industrial complex.

Sometime in the present, corporate tyranny reigns supreme. To stop this madness, what can one person do? What can anybody do? Impassioned environmental activist and nightclub saxophonist Michael Quinn, and his techie guru sidekick, Simon, the mischievous circus clown, believe they, and the ubiquitous Wasteful Management team, have the answer for one day… several multinational corporation chief executive officers (CEOs), infamously renowned for their egregious actions, are mysteriously disappearing across the globe. They are “removed” from society in ways that illustrate poetic justice, as exampled by the CEO of big agribusiness Tyrannex Inc. who is trampled by a giant GMO tomato in a remote part of India. Michael and Simon realize their window of opportunity is narrow, as Harry Potter and Bilbo’s nemeses pale in comparison to real life’s Multinational CEO sociopaths, whom Michael and Simon must overcome to save the day and the planet!

Jim Hightower says, “Wasteful Management is a refreshing combination of intrigue, humor, camp and serious politics, fusing the gravitas of a Noam Chomsky or a Bill Moyer with the edgy, stinging social commentary of a Jon Stewart or a Stephen Colbert, into a satirical mystery romp.”

Are you ready for the challenge? Bring your popcorn and come prepared to “boo, hiss” the villain and “cheer!” for the hero; sit back, and enjoy the ride!