When Shadows Linger – Phyllis Babrove

“When Shadows Linger,” contemporary women’s fiction, is set in New England. The story is about a young woman’s loss and the emotional journey she endures while attempting to find happiness.

Relocating from Wisconsin to Vermont to escape memories, Maggie meets Ben Grayson, a psychologist in the building where she has her therapy practice. Maggie is reluctant to become involved with Ben as she is still in love with her husband. As time passes, she encounters signs of her late husband in various forms. When the relationship with Ben starts to become serious, Maggie’s husband appears to her by voice and finally in person. Through the therapy that she provides to her clients who are dealing with loss due to death, family issues and adoption, Maggie also works on resolving her own grief.

Middlebury, Vermont is the setting for “When Shadows Linger.” The writer has captured the beauty of the town with vivid descriptions of the scenery and of local businesses.

A story of hope, love and inspiration, “When Shadows Linger” is the perfect gift for the readers on your holiday gift list.