Where Power Resides – Michael Cody

After the brutal and very public murder of a nationally syndicated Washington Post writer, two FBI agents uncover the existence of the NSA’s newest intelligence gathering program and find themselves in a national, political tug-of-war between the powers in office and the powers in actual control.

“The book’s very realistic “misuse” of technologies we all own makes the plot seem even more plausible.” 5 star Amazon reviewer…

Far Sight is the ultimate surveillance tool and weapon. The very best the CIA or NSA agencies ever came up with. What would they do to put a program that spies on American citizens into place? How far would they go? And what else can Far Sight do? Some say it can kill… Could our very own spy agencies be working their trade against American citizens?

Fast paced with political undertones “Where Power Resides” will make you wonder who is really running the country and how far they are willing to go to hold on to that power.

Find out in this fast paced, action packed, roller coaster of a read!