Wolf at the Door (A Timber Creek Wolf Novel Book 1 – Amerine Graham

Dominic, the sheriff of Timber Creek, is called out to investigate a murder that could start a clan war between two rival werewolf clans. The victim is the son of Winston Hamilton, the mayor of Timber Creek and the head of the elitist Grey clan, the same clan Dominic is a part of. Dominic and his deputy, Tanner, discover evidence that the Brown clan – long-time rivals of the Greys – killed the mayor’s son, breaking an uneasy peace, but something is amiss.

In an attempt to prevent an all-out clan war, Dominic goes to the leader of the Browns, Jonathan Coleman, looking for answers. Dominic not only discovers that the Browns had nothing to do with the murder, but that his own clan are coming for Patrice, the daughter of Jonathan Coleman, and are looking for clan justice. Dominic vows to protect Patrice while he gets to the bottom of the murder, and his vow is quickly put to the test. The Greys launch a full-out attack and Dominic is forced to do battle with Winston while trying to protect Patrice. Patrice and Dominic narrowly escape and go into hiding, and with Dominic now being an outcast from his own clan and the Browns under assault, nowhere seems safe.